Beware! The Harm of Added Dyes and Fragrances In Cosmetics Scam

by Aarti Bhalla | Health and Wellness | September 1, 2022

“Nature has all our Solutions.”

Are you someone who gets lured away by the vibrant, attractive colors your cosmetic products have?

Are you someone who gets lured away by the vibrant, attractive colors your cosmetic products have? Do you prefer buying fragrant cosmetic products? Are all products in your skin and health care bucket labelled herbal? Do you think that all products labelled ‘herbal’, ‘natural’ are 100 percent pure and safe for your skin? If your answer to these questions was anonymous- “Yes!”, this blog is for you. Read on to know the harsh truth behind the added dyes and fragrances in your cosmetic products. 

Today most of our efforts are inclined towards improving the quality of our living. We try to focus on healthy eating, exercising, meditation, and fitness and on the other hand, slather ourselves with harsh chemicals, silicones, and parabens unmindfully. It is not a great idea. Right? Most skincare products rely on artificial dyes to add radiant colors to them. Most of these dyes are often made of coal tar, petroleum, or heavy metals like lead and arsenic; and sometimes even a combination of various chemicals. For example, the purple color is a combination of more than fifty different chemicals. 

The majority of health and skin care products widely available on retail counters are flooded with a variety of chemicals that might be hazardous to our lives. Colors are added to cosmetic products to make them more attractive. Research states that colors and fragrances are connected to consumer psychology wherein they consider that colorful, scented products are more appealing and enhance the user experience. But these added colors and scents can have a long-term disastrous effect on the skin. Many companies use dyes in products because they are cheap, long-lasting, and enhance product appearance. We list below some of the common effects of the chemicals, silicones, and parabens used in cosmetics- 

  • When these chemicals are absorbed by the body, they drain the body of oxygen. Oxygen which is the basic fuel for our cells is outflown from the body. Research states that without oxygen we have less energy for everyday activities and our bodies stop to function normally.
  • Artificial colors absorbed into the skin can cause infections that might lead to irritation, inflammation, blocked pores, and sensitize the skin.
  • The most common problem that arise because of artificial colors and fragrances is acne formation. A lot of people across different age groups suffer from this problem these days. These chemicals disturb the skin’s natural oil balance and lead to increased blemishes and breakouts.
  • The elements present in these chemicals get absorbed into your body, and continued usage of such harsh chemicals harms the body from within in the long run.
  • Many of these dyes are made using coal tar as a component. Research states that the ones made from coal tar are carcinogenic; meaning they can cause cancer.
  • When these chemicals, parabens, and toxins are absorbed into the body, they can cause a variety of skin allergies and infections to sensitive skin.
  • Many of these dyes contain lead and arsenic that can disrupt the skin’s normal balance and moisture.
  • Paraben, which is used as a preservative in most cosmetic products like moisturizers, shampoos, body wash, creams, and makeup is known to increase the chances of breast cancer. 
Say no to harmful Chemical cosmetics

Dyes and fragrances contain some of these chemicals that are harmful to the skin- 

  • Carcinogens- As mentioned, these are agents that cause cancer.
  • Endocrine Disruptors- These are chemicals that can disrupt or harm how hormones function in the body. Endocrine disruptors can cause birth defects because they negatively impact the reproductive system and the immune system.
  • Allergens and irritants- They may induce asthma or other respiratory problems.
  • Phthalates- Phthalates are used to “increase the longevity of the fragrance.” These chemicals are also endocrine disruptors and have other harmful effects as well.
  • Neurotoxins- Strong fragrances can cause “headache, weakness, and irritability. Scents are also known to cause serious neurological conditions.  

Dr Aarti adds, “Today we unfortunately live in an era which I like to call as “Chemicals Galore”. Yes, chemicals have pervaded our life in every sphere today, because of which we live in a paradox, wherein scientific advancement is parallel to an increment in new illnesses & health issues. 51 out of the thousands of chemicals used daily, directly affect our endocrine system as most of these are ‘estrogenic chemicals’ found in pesticides, fertilizers, plastics, detergents, household cleaning products, canned/packet foods, contraceptive creams, etc. Since these pesticides & fertilizers have penetrated into every level of food chain, more people are now prone to endocrine problems. These chemicals directly impair or overstimulate oestrogen production, which has been seen in studies to promote cancers, tumours & other growths in the body. Excess oestrogen can cause weight gain or cause anxiety.”

It is time that we protect our skin from various adulterations, harmful chemicals, and toxins. Natural or herbal products are the ultimate rescue from pollution and adulterated products that are in wide circulation these days. But not all products labelled “HERBAL” are safe and healthy. Commercialization has prompted companies to offer low-quality, adulterated products to customers in the name of natural goods.

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