Holistic Wellness Consultancy Packages

INR₹1,500.00 (inc. tax within India / 0% tax for International orders)

Holistic Wellness Consultancy services are currently based only per session.

Recognizing the fact that each individual is UNIQUE, you can avail the services of a "Holistic Wellness Consultant" who will teach YOU the art of understanding the finer nuances of your body & introduce YOU to the Healing Power of Foods & Lifestyle changes.

⦿ Holistic Wellness Consultancy is based on individual sessions:

⦾ Per Session 

+ Rs. 1500 per individual sessions of 30 minutes each
+ No of sessions is purely dependent on you.

For more information regarding packages & pricing & to book your slot, please click below or whats app on 8700251513 or 9811108320


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