Organic Roasted Barley Tea (Wood fired )

INR₹250.00 (inc. tax within India / 0% tax for International orders)

WELLNESS TEAS – Caffeine Free for a Healthy Gut!



  • Each box contains: Buckwheat Tea (8 Sachets) weighing 48 gms/1.6 oz in total.


    • This Organic Tea is from the Karakoram in Himalayas & an effort simply to support the hinterland farmers along with providing pure products to the urbanites. Help us Support LOCAL FARMERS - when you buy these Teas, you literally contribute to the sustainability of the farmers in hinterland areas of the Karakoram ranges, Himalayas. At the same time, YOU get the pure product onto your table!


    • WELLNESS TEAS - Caffeine Free for a Healthy Gut!
    • Caffeine Free, Anti oxidant, especially good for Water retention & bloatedness, helpful in improving Blood circulation & Bowel movement.


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