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by Aarti Bhalla | Health and Wellness | May 3, 2023

“Nature has all our Solutions.”

Summers are in and so is the scorching heat! The blistering heat of the sun is all set to stand high for the next few months. Increased heat, UV rays, humidity can irritate the skin and cause various skin problems. It is essential that we understand the changing requirements and tend to them in the best way possible. Here comes in the role of a proper, effective skincare routine which not only protects the skin but also enhances skin texture.

As the weather gets harsh and temperatures rise, humidity in the environment increases. Research shows that the skin reacts differently to changing weathers. During the summer, the skin’s sebaceous(oil) glands begin to produce extra sebum (natural oil). This extra oil produced remains on the skin’s surface leading to stickiness, greasy skin, and clogged pores. This clogged oil can lead to acne, the only last thing you would want in the harsh summer heat! Unprotected skin can fall prey to skin tan, sunspots, and uneven skin. Therefore, it becomes essential to save yourself the harmful effects of summers with a well-maintained summer skincare guide.

Read on to know how you can maintain your soft, fresh and glowing skin even during the blazing summers-

  • Wash your face twice a day & exfoliate at least once in the morning daily.

You know that the sebaceous glands produce extra oil during the summer skin. This extra oil mixed with dust and dirt from the environment can lead to worse conditions of clogged pores and acne. It is essential to wash your face twice a day preferably with a Natural Cleanser. For example, for dry skin, it is suggested to use Apricot Meal scrub that not only cleans clogged pores, removes whiteheads & blackheads, it also improves blood circulation on the skin, thereby promoting new skin to shine forth. Apricot meal scrub additionally provides Vitamin E to your skin keeping it firm. For oily skin, we suggest your normal Besan or rice powder. In case you are not one for Natural stuff, then go for a regular sulphate free facewash to avoid extra build-up and keep the skin clear and fresh. However, we suggest always a Natural ingredient that  acts as a natural cleanser, as this would make a substantial difference to your skin overtime, leaving it not only soft and supple but also even toned & well maintained without make –up. You would like your make up less look!

  • Hydrate the skin regularly.

After washing & exfoliating your skin, hydrate with either Pure rosewater or Natural Face mist & while damp, apply your moisturizer. This will lock in the skin’s moisturizer keeping it hydrated for a longer time. Throw in either a rosewater or face mist bottle into your regular handbag & keep spraying through the day- 4-5 sprays a day not only keeps skin hydrated but also, it adds glow to your skin.

  • Moisturise daily.

Always remember that daily moisturising is the key to smooth, blemish free skin. Use a gentle moisturiser on the skin everyday after you wash your face to prevent dryness. A moisturiser is one of the basic requirements of your skin. Invest in a good, chemical free moisturiser that will keep your skin protected from dust, dirt, and pollution. In this, you can’t beat Aloe Vera Gel combined with Jojoba, a 12 months combo that is suited to all skin types, dry, oily or combo.  This is FOOD for your skin as remember, what you put on your skin goes to your blood stream. So why add more chemicals through your moisturiser. No additional regular chemical –based moisturiser will be needed.

  • Use sunscreen – OPTIONAL, as we don’t recommend it.

Talking about summer skincare and missing sunscreen? Impossible, Isn’t it? The very staple requirement of the skin during summers is a sunscreen to protect you from the harsh UV rays of the sun. The sun’s harmful UV-A and UV-B rays not only cause sunburn and tanning but also premature aging, age spots, wrinkles, and fine lines a A sunscreen with SPF30 or SPF50 is vital for all skin types. Just an FYI- Aloe vera gel works like a Natural sunscreen with an SPF of 20%.

  • Drink water and eat fresh fruits.

Summers and what can be better than continuous hydration? Drink lots of water to keep your body and skin hydrated during this harsh season. The sun’s scorching heat, loo and heat waves can leave the body dehydrated. Increase your water intake for fresh, healthy body and skin. Besides, keeping the body hydrated, water helps flush out the toxins from the body making your body clean. Adding seasonal fruits and veggies help to keep the body hydrated and fresh from within. Seasonal fruits like watermelons, musk melons; citrus fruits and juices also help keep the skin fresh and clear.

  • Choose correct products.

The most important decision while preparing a skin care routine is the choice of products that will best suit your skin type. A wide variety of products are available in the market that claim to provide beneficial results but are they worth it? This is a confusing question that people encounter. Research to understand your skin and its requirements and find suitable products. We suggest that you should focus on herbal, sulphate free, chemical free products to avoid the harmful effects of harsh chemicals.

Few products that you can add to your everyday skin care routine include-


The Kitchen Factory Aloe vera gel is your solution to all your skin problems. The meticulously crafted aloe vera gel is being used, loved and appreciated by thousands of happy customers for the past twenty years. Use this aloe vera gel to get the blemish-free, soft and glowing skin you have always wanted. The most distinguishing feature of this gel is it is 100% pure made with plant extracts and aloe vera pulp without synthetic colors, artificial fragrances and naturally derived preservative. Enriched with the anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties of Holy Basil or Tulsi, the gel helps you fight acne, blackheads and skin ageing. Tulsi also helps the skin to fight against infections and toxins. Lavender essential oil in the gel protects the skin from dryness and eczema. Lavender oil helps cleanse the skin and reduce irritation and rashes. The antifungal, antibacterial, antiseptic, and antioxidant properties of blue chamomile revitalizes skin quality and keep it smooth, blemish-free and radiant. Blue chamomile lightens skin texture and helps fight hyperpigmentation while reducing dark circles. Sandalwood helps nourish the skin and improves the skin texture to give you the charm you deserve! What are you waiting for? Add aloe vera gel to your skin care routine and pamper yourself with all the love your skin needs.


Once you add rosewater to your skin regimen, there’s no going back. This commonly available product is overloaded with so many benefits and can be used for most of your body-care needs. The Kitchen Factory Rosewater prepared from distillation of superior quality Bulgarian Roses is completely free from synthetic fragrances. It can be used as a natural toner, skin regenerator, or facial mist. This pure, herbal rosewater is all that your skin always wanted!


A powerful blend of Rose, Geranium and Lavender floral extracts is all that your skin wants on a bright, sunny day! A natural way to hydrate and refresh the skin, it is your go-to product for a quick refreshing touch to the skin. For best results, Spray the toner directly on the face.


How about a natural exfoliator that not only removes the dead skin cells making skin fresh an clean but also moisturises the skin from within. Just in case you think if any such product exists in real life, we are here. The Kitchen Factory Apricot meal scrub is your one sop product to deal with summers this year! Besides moisturising the skin, rejuvenating it from within, it helps de-tan your skin. Wet your face and skin and directly apply on the skin to see the benefits.


The goodness of Vitamin E in Jojoba oil helps prevent pimples and fight scars. Jojoba oil can also be used to treat sunburns, the anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties of jojoba make your skin acne free and smooth. Add two drops of jojoba to your cream and witness the amazing benefits of this wonder product.

This Summers pamper your skin and give it all the love it needs!

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