Tulsi A2 Cow Natural Ghee Nasal Drops 30ml with dropper

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100% Natural A2 cow ghee blended with pure organic tulsi from our farms. An all year round traditional formulation to tackle many health issues such as snoring, protecting form colds/coughs, etc.

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  • Benefits of Tulsi are well known...
    Nose being the doorway to the brain, adding these drops to your nose can help u protect from umpteen illnesses including the entry of viruses/bacteria.
    it promotes not only sound sleep, but also wakes you-up fresh without any stuffiness in your nose –thanks to breathing in recycled air- conditioned air & pollution. A great nerve calmer, it works as an aid to improve attention span in children, especially in hyper active kids. Helpful in epistaxis(nose bleeding), etc.
  • USP of the product:
    100% Natural & organic A 2 cow Ghee Tulsi nasal drops made in our own farms - a traditional Ayurvedic formulation used since ancient times.
  • How to use:
    Adults - 2 drops each nostril twice a day, post bathing & evening.(use at least once daily post bathing).
    Children(above 2 years)- 1 drop daily 1-2 times per day, post bathing & evening.In winters, it needs to be melted for about 2-3 minutes- put the bottle in hot water for 2-3 minutes & enough gets melted for the nose.
  • Safety Information
    - Keep away from direct sunlight or heat.


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