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People have some nice things to say

“Aloevera from the kitchen factory has been my saviour for so many years now. I swear by this product literally. Not just aloevera, but their face mask, face mist, jojoba oil, haldi Chandan aloevera and so on.

Last to last year i got burnt marks on my face. I did some home remedy for sometime but nothing worked. Then i started applying the aloevera, the marks went in a week.

Their products are made with love and thats the reason each and every product has its own good quality. Once someone starts using it, they aren’t going anywhere from it.”

Pooja Bhambri

“What can be better than a homemade oil and aloe Vera gel … made with love .. it has to work wonders! I have been using the special hair oil and aloe Vera gel for years now and gifted bottles n bottles to friends and family and acquaintances in the parlour who have stopped to specially ask “ how does your hair have this bounce !!” My teenager sons use the aloe Vera gel as a substitute for hair gel … they love it too!!

Thank you Kitcken factory for these gifts of natural products …so pure and refreshing !!”

Divya Khanna

“Aarti many thanks for the amazing hair aloe gel💕it’s amazing. I thrive on your wheatgrass powder & have been using Aloe Vera haldi chandan for years!”

Saloni Sodhi

“I have been using Aarti’s products, especially Aloe Vera Gel & Hair Oil for a few years now and I have to admit not only my skin has improved in texture, but even my blemishes have disappeared over time.”

Ruchi V Gupta, Delhi

“Hi … I am sheetal. I started using the health powder made by The Kitchen Factory 3 years back. It has helped me in many ways. For one, I have stopped getting recurring colds, wheezing and allergies. I even manage to stay healthy and resist virals.

Another area it has helped me immensely is arresting my acute acidity. I had  to give up a lot of food items as it caused grave acidity.

But after using the health powder I  am able to eat everything today.

I  strongly recommend it to everyone to use it to boost general health and immunity. After all, how do we otherwise fight pollution & modern lifestyle stresses.”

Sheetal Ahuja, Delhi