Houttuynia & Green Tea (100% Organic)

INR₹350.00 (inc. tax within India / 0% tax for International orders)

WELLNESS TEAS – 100% organic Green Tea with the added medicinal benefits of Houttuynia plant, a native of Nagaland.



  • Each box contains: Houttiuynia Tea weighing 50 gms in total.


    • A happy marriage of finest Green Tea with Houttiuynia makes this Tea very helpful in weight loss (it is diuretic), Blood sugar regulation & thus Good for Diabetics too. Additionally, it detoxifies the body & controls allergies.


      • Plant Brief - Houttuynia is a native plant of Nagaland used in traditional medicine by the Naga tribes. This plant has long been coveted for its variety of medicinal uses, which is why ancient Asian cultures used this herb for energy & vitality among other uses.


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