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“Nature has all our Solutions.”

What can be better than a relaxing head massage after a weary day? Since childhood hair massages have been an important part of our routine. Remember the time our mothers used to do that relaxing refreshing “champi” with so much oil? What an experience it was!

Hair massages have retained their place in our lifestyle even today, and there must be reasons why our Grandmothers had it as a solution to all our hair problems. Read on to know the amazing benefits of hair massage, and why it should be a part of your hair care routine too.

Hair Growth Oil Benefits


From relaxing the nervous system to promoting hair growth, hair massages have several benefits. Some of the common benefits of hair massages are-

  • Improves mood and relieves stress

Massages have always been known to be the perfect antidote to a long, tiring stressful day. A good massage not only relaxes the nervous system but instantly uplifts the mood. They have been used in therapy since ancient times. A good hair massage can relax your tense mind and make room for creativity. Experts believe that a scalp massage can help release- Serotonin (the feel-good hormone) which immediately puts you in a better mood and refreshes your mind. Isn’t it obvious now? The next time you feel your mind is falling apart, go for a relaxing head massage to feel better!

  • Promotes hair growth

Scientific studies prove that regularly massaging the scalp strengthens the roots of the hair and nourishes the shafts which in turn promotes hair growth. Regular scalp massaging showed evident results of hair growth and improvement of hair quality in the participants. Scalp massages increase hair thickness by stretching skin cells. If you want those long, lustrous locks, regular scalp massaging should be on your to-do list. No wonder, why scalp massage has always been a part of our Grandma’s secret to healthy, beautiful hair!

  • Fights dandruff and other infections

Dandruff has become a common hair problem these days owing to the dirt, impurities and pollution in the environment. Scalp massages can be an effective way to get rid of dandruff and other scalp infections. Heat some oil in a bowl and massage it into your scalp gently. It helps strengthen roots and fight dandruff. A hot oil massage activates skin cells, increases blood circulation, and helps reduce dry skin cells on the scalp.

  • Clarify the scalp

We are prone to skin infections, irritations, dry dull hair owing to our polluted and adulterated lifestyle. Product build-up, dirt and dandruff can significantly affect hair health and shine. It is essential to revitalize hair regularly to maintain your long, lustrous locks. What better than a relaxing, cozy hair massage? Regular massages help clarify the scalp of various impurities and promote hair growth.

  • Controls hairfall 

Scalp massages are an important way to control falling hair. They help re-activate the hair follicles and considerably reduce hairfall. Massage your hair twice a week to see visibly low hairfall. Continuous usage can also promote the growth of new hair.


 A blend of cold-pressed 100% pure mustard & sesame oils combined with Oleander & Rosemary extracts & other herbs, The Kitchen Factory Hair Growth Oil is your perfect solution to treat all your hair problems of hair thinning, hair dullness and also promotes healthy hair growth. It was initially developed to fill up bald patches on the scalp when too much hair thinning happens at a particular spot on the scalp.

Made with Mustard Oil, which is packed with calcium, protein, vitamin E and A, omega-3, and omega-6 fatty acids, it helps nourish the scalp and strengthens the hair follicles. Strong hair means less breakage, less hairfall and naturally fuller and more beautiful hair. The high erucic acid of mustard oil is known to eradicate fungus naturally, which is the root cause of dandruff and dry itchy flakes.

Another magic ingredient is Sesame seed oil which is rich in omega fatty acids, nourishes the scalp and increases hair growth. It also helps in moisturizing the scalp and improves blood circulation, rejuvenating the hair follicles. Sesame seeds also have anti-aging properties that can nourish the hair and potentially avoid or slow down greying hair. Oleander, an important ingredient promotes hair growth where bald patches on the scalp have appreared and improves hair texture. Rosemary plays the role of minoxidil on the scalp, promotes shiny hair and is great for healthy hair growth.

Packed with the goodness of herbs, this hair growth oil is the product you have been looking for to solve your problems of hair thinning, hair loss and healthy hair growth. Try the Kitchen Factory Special Hair Growth Oil today, and you will be startled by the miracles this hair oil does to your hair!

Best is both the carrier oils are grown at our own farms, 100% Natural & Chemical free + cold pressed & unfiltered – a rare combo hard to find.

For best results, use the oil ideally twice a week or at least once a week – please do not expect results with erratic oil massage & also, this is a 100% Natural product – so it will take time & also, seriously look into food supplements like 8th day harvested Wheatgrass powder with Moringa capsules/Moringa powder. This a holistic approach to Hair loss & other scalp issues!

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